Investments are one of the key areas of RD Group's activity. The holding company, together with the foundations of Ruben Vardanyan, is aimed at forming a well-balanced investment portfolio comprising good-quality retail and business centers in Moscow and the Moscow region and Saint Petersburg, with the growth potential.

We improve the portfolio not only by acquisition of properties; we all create our new high-quality product, improving existing assets. Competent management, regular monitoring of the market environment, revising of conceptions, forming a good-quality pool of tenants – all this is used to develop each office and retail facility.

Natalia TishendorfNatalia Tishendorf General Director of AVICA

"Commercial real estate in Russia opens up wide opportunities for development. We study the market, analyze trends and invest in the best assets with the prospect of rising costs and profitability in order to further expand the portfolio and strengthen the company's reputation in the market. "

$1 000 000 000

AVIGA performs the management of the RD Group's commercial real estate portfolio and the foundations of Ruben Vardanyan with the total value coming to over $1 billion