AFFA Organized an Educational Tour for Young People of Masis

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The first educational trip to Moscow of the youth delegation from the town of Masis (Armenia) took place on March 23–26. The trip was held under the auspices of the charitable organization AFFA with the support of the international holding RD Group.

The educational program was held with the purpose to activate social, cultural and sports life of the town and to involve the local communities and residents of Masis in the town development. The program participants were the high school children and students who helped to run the town Christmas fair in Masis late December 2015 – early January 2016.

During the trip, the teenagers participated in the teambuilding training to acquire team work skills necessary to achieve a common goal, to learn about planning and allocation of tasks and duties, moreover, they elaborated several project ideas on the town improvement and organization of socially significant events, sports competitions, musical and art contests, etc.

As the cultural part of the program, the youth delegation visited the sights of Moscow and landmark public places at the historic center of the city. In addition, the teenagers went on excursions at the facilities of the investment and development holding RD Group – Romanov Dvor Business Quarter and the innovative office of the construction company RD Group Holding.

Gagik Adibekyan, the founder of the charitable organization AFFA: “Today, the small towns of Armenia are facing a difficult situation: lack of a well-developed urban environment and opportunities to use of one’s own potential often make the residents leave such kinds of settlements. Our task as a charitable organization is not only to attract investments for improvement of the urban environment quality and infrastructure of Masis, but also to involve young active residents in the town development”.

To remind, one of the most important activity areas of the charitable organization AFFA is implementation of the program for social investments and complex development of the territories of small towns of Armenia, including Dilijan and Masis. With support from the local authorities, communities and residents, AFFA aims to improve the urban environment and create comfortable conditions for people’s life. As part of the program in 2015–2016, AFFA contributed to holding a series of social and cultural events in Masis.