Aphorisms at Romanov Dvor

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The art gallery at Romanov Dvor is hosting an exhibition titled Aphorisms, presenting the work of artist Alexei Chaikasov.

Alexei’s works provoke the viewers to see new shades of meaning in familiar aphorisms, be it a quote from cultural figure, scientist, politician or businessman or even something that has already attained the status of a proverb or saying, having emerged from folk culture or classical literature. 

The Aphorisms exhibition represents a sort of interim review of the artist’s work on this series of paintings which he first began more than 10 years ago.


Alexei is a regular participant of international and Russian exhibitions. He won the international competition held under the global modern art project ING Fresh Eyes in 2008. His work is now held in private collections in Russia, the United States, Switzerland, Canada, Holland and Serbia.


The concept of Romanov Dvor is business as an art. This is why the business center places such an emphasis on art expositions, which are updated every month.

Alexei Chaikasov’s exhibition will continue at the art gallery until January 9, 2015. Entry is free of charge.