August Personages Photo Exhibition at Romanov Dvor

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August Personages Photo Exhibition dedicated to the royal families of Russia and Europe opened at Romanov Dvor. The project presents rare photos from private archives taken during formal ceremonies and meetings.

24 photographs featured in the exhibition tell about the royal families of the United Kingdom, Russia, the Principality of Monaco, Spain and other European countries. The earliest photograph is dated 1894, and the latest is dated 2011. Most of the works are on display for the first time. Both rare historical photos and well-known shots are exhibited. The British royal family is represented by pictures of Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana. In particular, the visitors will see photos of the first official visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Russia (1994), as well as a picture from the family archive where Princess Diana is surrounded by children.

The pictures of Emperor Nicholas II and his family take a special place in the exhibition: the exhibition presents a photo from the family archives of the British Queen Victoria taken at the engagement of Nikolai Alexandrovich, the future Nicholas II, and Princess Alice of Hesse, the future Empress Alexandra Feodorovna (1894). The exhibition also features the famous picture of the 300th anniversary of the House of Romanov (1913).

The opening of August Personages Exhibition has become the main event of the social evening at Romanov Dvor business quarter. The atmosphere of refinement and style created a special mood in the event: string quartet directed by Andrey Bukov, a winner of international prizes and awards, played classic music in the entourage of the business district’s historic buildings.

The place chosen for the exhibition is deeply symbolic: the business quarter together with the adjacent lane is named after the House of Romanov. The exhibition will run until September 1 in the atrium of the business quarter at 2/1 Romanov Lane.

Author of the idea and organizer of the event: RD Group Holding. Co-organizers: IZO Art gallery and TASS Agency. Media partners of the exhibition: The Moscow Times, Le Courrier de Russie, Moskauer Deutsche Zeitung, Radio of Russia. Culture.