Defining an Era with Objects – New Art Display at Romanov Dvor

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Tomorrow the art gallery at the Romanov Dvor business center is presenting an exhibit of still life paintings titled A Portrait of an Object, by artist Olga Osnach.

The exposition consists of paintings of simple items which surround us in our everyday lives. In her work the artist demonstrates how objects become a mirror of the individual, a reflection of one’s conscious.

“For me portraits of people are outside of time, as the person is always the same, just the clothes are different. Objects are closely connected with their times. The right selection of ‘little heroes’ in paintings can say a lot about people and about the time these people live in. It is a sort of symbol of the era, a symbol of feelings,” says Olga Osnach, speaking about her work.


The concept of Romanov Dvor is business as an art. This is why the business center places such an emphasis on art expositions, which are updated every month.

The exhibition will continue until June 11 at the art gallery of Romanov Dvor (4/2 Romanov Pereulok). Entry is free of charge.