Dmitry Letov in The Moscow Times

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Project Manager for the UWC Dilijan College project Dmitry Letov spoke to The Moscow Times about the green technologies which were used in the construction of the college.

Students told the correspondent of The Moscow Times how the architecture of UWV Dilijan College resembles the hilly surrounding landscape of Dilijan National Park.

“In the construction of the school we used green technologies – green roofs and green walls – which is rather unusual for Armenia,” Dmitry Letov said. “We have four buildings with ‘living walls’, and the total area of the living walls exceeds 2000 square meters. They were built according to a unique technology which comes from Germany.”

Watch the video with the interview of Dmitry Letov on the website of The Moscow Times.


The school’s territory borders Dilijan National Park and fits in harmoniously with the natural landscape. The roofs of the buildings are covered with green grasses that resemble the alpine meadows for which Dilijan is famous.

The international boarding school was built by RD Group (part of RD Group) according to plans designed by the British architecture firm Tim Flynn Architects.