Expert Magazine: RD Group Completing Construction on “School of the Future”

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According to the leading business weekly Expert, RD Group invited the Russian press to the construction site of Dilijan International School and demonstrated how work is proceeding on the educational complex.


According to the article in Expert magazine, the world’s best experts and companies have been brought in to work on the international school. That is why the British architect Tim Flynn was hired by RD Group, a company renowned for its ability to manage major international projects across great distances, namely, from Moscow. The distance of thousands of kilometers has not been an obstacle in the company’s implementation of several major projects, such as the Arctic Hotel & Business Center in Murmansk and Rose Valley elite residential complex in Luxembourg. Now the construction of the school in Dilijan is proceeding in high gear.

RD Group (part of RD Group) has been working on the Dilijan International School (DIS) project since 2012 in the role of the general designer and general contractor.

The article in Expert reports that RD Group has optimized part of the project plans developed earlier, allowing for substantial savings in capital expenditures and an increase in the useful floor space of the facility by more than 3000 square meters. Moreover, in addition to the buildings of DIS, the company is creating from scratch on the territory of the future school engineering and road infrastructure. An analogous project is the company’s Romanov Alley project in Moscow, where a pedestrian street is being created in a place recently occupied by ruins.


The DIS project is playing an important role in terms of raising the level of qualifications of construction workers: thanks to the construction of Dilijan International School in Armenia more than 1000 jobs have been created: 99% of those working on the construction are residents of Armenia and approximately 30% are residents of Dilijan.

Expert magazine quoted the director of the DIS construction project, Dmitry Letov: “We believe that the people participating today in the construction of the school will later make use of the experience gained and pass it along to others. I am confident that the contribution of our company to the professional advancement of construction workers will have a positive impact on the development of the construction industry in Armenia.”

“Traveling through Yerevan and other cities of Armenia, you are sure to notice how appropriately and carefully buildings fit in with the surrounding southern landscape, how harmoniously developed streets are interspersed with green boulevards and spacious squares… We are sure that the specialists of RD Group will continue this tradition and the international school in Dilijan will be a modern manifestation of many years of architectural tradition,” Expert wrote.