Kommersant on Photo Exhibition at Romanov Dvor

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Kommersant has published a review of August Personages Exhibition at Romanov Dvor.

Romanov Dvor business quarter hosts August Personages photo exhibition dedicated to the representatives of European and Russian royal families.

The exhibition comprises 24 images and a common stand with a description. All pictures are linked by the photo report style: the faces of monarchs - from Queen Beatrix II of the Netherlands, Princess Diana, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark to more ancient crowned heads of Europe (Queen Victoria, Prince of Wales Edward, Crown Prince Nicholas Alexandrovich with his fiancee Alice of Hesse, in the future marriage - Alexandra Feodorovna) - captured at different moments in life, whether it be an official ceremony or a picture from the family archive. The earliest photograph is dated 1894, and the latest is dated 2011. Most of the works are on display for the first time.

The author of the review highlighted that the exhibition had become a harmonious complement to the internal space of the business quarter: "<...> literally next to the exposition Our Lady of the Sign Church rises sacredly, a renovated red-brick smart building of 1691 (the church is a part of the exhibition atrium). Thus, the entire composition in social open air format achieves sublimity."

Author of the idea and organizer of the event: RD Group Holding. Co-organizers: IZO Art gallery and TASS Agency. Media partners of the exhibition: The Moscow Times, Le Courrier de Russie, Moskauer Deutsche Zeitung, Radio of Russia. Culture.

The article is available in Kommersant and on its website.