MIPIM 2014 Results to Be Discussed at Romanov Dvor

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Tomorrow the business center Romanov Dvor will host a reception for the official closing of the international real estate expo MIPIM 2014. The event is being organized by RD Group.

On March 27 RD Group and Kommersant Publishing House are holding the MIPIM Closing Ceremony at Romanov Dvor: 2014 Results and Outlook for 2015. The event will include a roundtable to discuss the effectiveness of the participation of developers and investors and how to properly present Russia’s major cities at MIPIM in 2015.

Guests of Romanov Dvor will include developers and investors, experts in urban planning and municipal development, and representatives of the Moscow government.

Speakers and experts of the roundtable include:


The program begins at 8:00 PM at the Romanov Dvor business center: Romanov Pereulok 4, Bldg. 2. Please note that accreditation is mandatory. Inquiries about accreditation should be addressed to Viktoria Rozhok, Director of External Communications, RD Group: rozhok@rd-group.com.


The partners of the MIPIM closing ceremony include such leading companies as: Sberbank CIB, Kommersant Publishing House, Moscow Urban Forum and RD Group.

Information partners: Interfax, The Moscow Times, RBC Realty, Business FM, Gazeta.ru, Salon Nedvizhimosti, Arendator.ru, REPA, and the Guild of Property Managers and Developers.