RD Group Holds Press Tour of Project in Armenia

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On the weekend of September 27-29, RD Group organized for journalists of leading Russian business publications a trip to Armenia to visit one of the company’s international project’s in that country.

The journalists took a tour of Dilijan International School (DIS), which is currently under construction. During the visit Dmitry Letov, Project Director for the construction of the school at RD Group, spoke about the project’s features. The tour was followed by a press briefing with Viktoria Rozhok, RD Group Director for External Communications, and Dmitry Letov.

2000 kilometers is no obstacle

“RD Group has completed 50% of the general construction work of Phase I of the Dilijan International School project which includes 35,000 square meters of premises in Armenia,” Dmitry Letov said at the press conference. All construction and finishing work on the first phase will be completed in the summer of 2014.

“RD Group, as the general designer and general contractor of the DIS project, demonstrated to journalists the company’s capability of creating highly effective project teams on location and managing major projects across great distances,” emphasized Viktoria Rozhok. To date the company’s portfolio includes three remote projects:
- Dilijan International School (2000 kilometers from Moscow to Dilijan)
- Arctic Hotel & Business Center in Murmansk (2000 kilometers from Moscow to Murmansk)
- Rose Valley elite residential complex in Luxembourg (2200 kilometers from Moscow to Luxembourg)

Implementing world-class standards

The professionalism of the RD Group’s team allows for the use of the highest construction standards in Armenia. The DIS project is playing an important role in terms of improving the professional skills of those involved in the project: the construction of the school has created more than 1000 new jobs. Of those working on the project, 99% are residents of Armenia and 30% are residents of the town of Dilijan.

“We believe that the people participating today in the construction of the school will later make use of the experience gained and pass it along to others,” Dmitry Letov said at the press conference. “I am confident that the contribution of our company to the professional advancement of construction workers will have a positive impact on the development of the construction industry in Armenia.”

RD Group’s successes

As the general designer, RD Group (part of RD Group) optimized some of the earlier versions of the project plans and thanks to this achieved substantial savings on capital expenditures. Optimization of the budget made its possible, in part, to increase the useable space of the facility by 3000 square meters and build an additional basketball court.

The construction work is proceeding right on schedule. Furthermore, the company is creating from scratch modern engineering and road infrastructure on the territory of the future school.

Following the press briefing the journalists had the opportunity to try their hand driving a Bobcat tractor from the construction site.