​RD Group Representatives Make it to ‘40/40’ Ranking

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Three RD Group representatives at a time have made it to the ‘40/40’ ranking prepared by CRE. The list includes 40 most promising commercial real estate market representatives under the age of 40.

The ‘40/40’ ranking has been prepared by Сommercial Real Estate editorial team and HR companies focusing on the commercial real estate market. The Company had the right to nominate its representatives under the age of 40, provided that they do not hold the positions of company CEO, President, or Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Alexander Ustinov, CDO, RD Management, and Alina Strelkova, COO, ECE Russland, were entered in the top list in the ‘Operations Management’ category, while Sergey Vladimirov, CIO, AVICA Management Company — in the ‘Financial Management’ category.

The final list was compiled with account of experience in the trade (5 years at the least), leadership experience (2 years at the least), as well as the nominees’ competences, experience in implementing various kinds of projects, initiatives in professional associations, participation in conferences, etc.