RD Group speaks at Real Estate Marketing conference

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RD Group’s Marketing Director Louisa Ulanovskaya addressed Moscow’s third annual Real Estate Marketing conference.

Main themes at the Conferences were the marketing tools now used by industry leaders, how to attract shoppers, and how best to position a new property.

Ms Ulanovskaya emphasised the importance of creating a comfortable environment and a community for commercial real estate as much as for residential properties.

“It is not square metres that we need to be selling: we need to sell a living environment,” she said.

Ms Ulanovskaya spoke of the Romanov Dvor business center, where an open-air roof terrace, which opened in the summer, has been used for talks and master classes, as well as classical and jazz concerts. “In developing the leisure aspect of Romanov Dvor, we have deliberately focused on culture, music and education in order to attract active, progressive and educated people,” she said.

“This does not have a direct effect on how we lease our space, but it does help us to create our own community, to increase the loyalty of current tenants to the business center, and to establish long-term partnerships. It is important for developers to have the time and the aspiration to develop that special atmosphere,” said RD Group’s Marketing Director.