RD Management Announces Key Appointment in Marketing and PR Department

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RD Management Announces Appointment of Marina Zak for the Position of Marketing Director.

In RD Management, Marina Zak will be responsible for strategic and tactical planning of marketing activity, promoting and strengthening the main business of the Company, launching new products to the real estate management market, analytics and implementing marketing activities.

Marina Zak has a 12-year experience in marketing and PR. For over than three years, she was Marketing and PR Director in Tashir Group of Companies where she was responsible for development and implementation of the Company’s marketing strategy and establishment of loyalty programs in all business areas of Tashir Group of Companies. One of the main areas was developing and promoting the network of RIO Shopping and Entertainment Centers in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and other regions of Russia.

Alexander Ustinov, Development Director of RD Management: ‘The Company has the tasks of strengthening their position in real estate management which are directly associated with development and implementation of the marketing strategy and launch of new products and services to the market. I am sure that Marina’s experience and professional competence will allow realizing the set tasks and bring the Company to a new level of development.’

Marina Zak, Marketing Director of RD Management: ‘I am happy to join the team of RD Management. I am sure that my knowledge and experience will contribute to the Company’s growth. I have the tasks of promoting the brand, elaborating and launching new digital-product which will definitely change the real estate management market in terms of quality. For me, this is a highly challenging task and I believe it will be implemented in a team of likeminded business professionals.’