Roman Tkachenko on Apartments in Commercial Buildings

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Apartments in commercial buildings differ in a number of ways from ordinary apartments in residential buildings. Roman Tkachenko, Head of the Representative Office of RD Group spoke to the portal about some of the advantages and disadvantages of this type of apartment.


A prime location is one of the chief advantages of commercial apartments. In the central districts of Moscow there are few places available for the construction of residential buildings. Meanwhile, most of the companies redeveloping industrial zones receive permits to build commercial real estate and commercial apartments, but not residential buildings.


Since commercial apartments are often situation on the territories of former plants and factories, this provides practically unlimited opportunities for the boldest architectural solutions, both in terms of building façades and interior design. This includes open layouts, panorama glazing, terraces with winter gardens, fireplaces and much more.


Today commercial apartments are available in every class, from comfort class to elite, and in a wide range of sizes. Commercial apartments usually cost 15-20% less than apartments of a comparable size in residential buildings in the same districts. Currently commercial apartments are taxed at the same rate as commercial real estate, which means a much higher annual rate than for flats in residential buildings: 2% of the cadastral value of the property.


RD Group is creating the pedestrian street Romanov Alley in the center of Moscow. The project includes business-class commercial apartments with hotel service. The project plans call for the creation of 40 apartments up to 100 square meters each to be rented out to top executives of Western companies which lease offices at the Class A business center Romanov Dvor.