Reports on Opening of UWC Dilijan College

Zur Liste der Nachrichten

The internet portal told its readers about the first international boarding school in the CIS: UWC Dilijan College.

The task of harmoniously fitting the modern school buildings into the mountainous landscape of Dilijan, where UWC Dilijan College is located, was solved by architects of the British bureau Tim Flynn Architects and then the project was brought to life by RD Group, part of RD Group.

The construction process was difficult: the mountainous terrain, territory of a national park, high level of seismic activity, high probability of landslides and a mountain river running nearby. They had to analyze the behavior of the Aghstev River over the past 100 years, model its influence on the level of groundwater, install a major drainage system at the construction and build more than 150 support walls for protection from landslides, writes.


Ruben Vardanyan and Veronika Zonabend were the ideologues behind the project who recruited more than 200 donors to support the creation of the international school in Dilijan. One of the partners and founders of the school was Gagik Adibekyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of RD Group.

However, RD Group role was not limited to that of a donor and general contractor of the project. Today the facility management company RD Management (part of RD Group) is responsible for the uninterrupted function of the engineering systems and infrastructure of UWC Dilijan College.