Tatiana Khoreva visited the business breakfast organized by the Kommersant newspaper

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On April 23, Tatiana Khoreva, Deputy Head of the Representative Office of RD Group development holding, spoke at the business breakfast organized by the Kommersant Publishing House.

The subject of the event was “Finance 2015: Management under Turbulent Conditions”.

In her speech, Tatiana told about the trends in the field of tax control, emerging arbitration practice in income taxation in the light of changes made to the legislation in terms of transfer pricing, deoffshorization and instruments to minimize tax risks.

The Kommersant Publishing House regularly arranges events addressing the most topical issues in the field of business, finance and law. The proficiency level of expert participants is invariably high.

“The taxation system is becoming more complex and more focused on transnational transactions. The interaction of the Russian and foreign tax authorities is developing. Accordingly, observing the “due diligence” rules becomes a priority, including investigation of the counterparty’s good faith, correct documenting of transactions and business processes. Consequently, more strict requirements are applied in relation to financiers and lawyers of the companies,” Tatiana said.

Among other guests who spoke at the breakfast were Andrey Kizimov, Deputy Head of the Tax and Customs Tariff Policy Department of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, Vera Borisova, Hewlett Packard Director for Tax Matters in Russia and the CIS, Elena Suvorova, Head of Administration for Pre-Court Tax Disputes Resolution of the Federal Tax Service of Russia and others.