The Drama of Colors at Romanov Dvor

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The art gallery at Romanov Dvor is hosting a new exhibition titled The Drama of Color, a collection of the works of artist Mikhail Babenkov.

The first thing which catches the eye when looking at Babenkov’s works of art is their distinct colors. The coloration is quite diverse: from light silver and blue arrays to complex greys, dark reds and coal blues. The artist works with all classical genres: still life compositions, portraits and landscapes. Various techniques are used: gouache, watercolors, oil and drawing.

“The images emerge quite easily, it’s sufficient to just look around,” Mikhail Babenkov says. “Often the subjects of the paintings are things from everyday life: the streetlights along the road on the way home, old pine trees and oaks outside the window… They feed the imagination, whether it be a new color seen when sunlight suddenly falls on an object or ice crystals from freezing rain on the branches, and they take on a second life on the canvas.”

The exhibition continues at the art gallery of Romanov Dvor until May 14. Entry is free of charge.