Viktoria Rozhok on Moskva FM

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Fyodor Balandin, host of the radio program Weekend Outlook (Vykhodnye dannye) on Moskva FM, invited PR Director of RD Group Viktoria Rozhok onto his show to learn first-hand about the opening of the gastronomic street Romanov Alley.


The live broadcast with Viktoria Rozhok lasted half an hour, as Viktoria told radio listeners about the kinds of gastronomic pleasures awaiting visitors on July 12 at the ARt-FOOD FESTIVAL, dedicated to the opening of Moscow’s first pedestrian gastronomic street Romanov Alley.

During the first day of the ARt-FOOD FESTIVAL visitors had the opportunity not only try out a wide range of dishes but also to take part in culinary master classes, listen to live music and watch street theater performances. Additionally, the festival’s organizers also took care to provide entertainment for children as well: they were given the opportunity to take part in a sand show and taste various nutritional delights.


Romanov Alley is located in the very heart of the capital – between Mokhovaya Street and Romanov Pereulok – but is had previously been closed to the public for centuries. “For a long time this place was occupied by state facilities with restricted access: the imperial guard, the food distribution center for the party elite, a cafeteria and a complex of administrative buildings,” Viktoria explained. “Now this place for the first time is being opened for ordinary residents and tourists.”

Romanov Alley is an unusual public space: a place where, on the one hand, the spirit of old Moscow has been preserved and also, on the other hand, there is an atmosphere similar to that on quaint European streets. “You will never see flashing neon signs on Romanov Alley. Everything will be finished in a classical style with elements of forged metal, which you can now see on the streetlamps and clock,” Viktoria Rozhok said.