Viktoria Rozhok on the MIPIM Closing Event at Romanov Dvor

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In early August the leading experts of the real estate market met a business brunch organized by the Kommersant publishing house to discuss the format of the presentation of Moscow and the projects of Moscow developers at the MIPIM exhibition in 2015.

RD Group was specially invited to the business brunch as the recognized expert, ideologue and organizer of the annual MIPIM Closing Ceremony at Romanov Dvor.

Viktoria Rozhok, Director of the Public Relations Department of RD Group, noted that the city and its development projects should be presented at MIPIM as part of a unified strategy. Only this approach would make it possible to attractive for foreign investment into the city and the companies’ projects. Of course, the development of a single strategy is not possible without dialogue between government and business.

“This is why RD Group for the second year in a row has held the MIPIM Closing Ceremony at Romanov Dvor. This is an ideal platform for establishing constructive dialogue between the authorities and business, for summing up the results and developing this unified strategy, which will allow for the high-quality portrayal of Moscow on the international arena and the presentation of its ideas and projects to potential investors,” Viktoria Rozhok concluded.


In 2014 the MIPIM Closing Ceremony at Romanov Dvor was attracted more than 300 guests: the top executives of development and investment firms, experts in urban planning and municipal development, and representatives of the Moscow Municipal Government.

The event included a roundtable discussion where market experts summed up the results of MIPIM 2014 and also discussed issues concerning the effectiveness of the participation of business and the government at MIPIM next year.

A video on the MIPIM Closing Ceremony at Romanov Dvor can be viewed on YouTube via this link.