Advanced training course for shift engineers completes at RD Management

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On 10th December, the RD Management Corporate Training Centre conducted a qualifying examination. Sixteen employees of the Engineering Department showed knowledge and skills they had gained.

The employees learned the operation of advance engineering equipment in diverse areas, such as electric power supply,cold supply, ventilation, air conditioning, to name just a few. The curriculum included trainings and seminars helping identify the employees’ personal and professional competencies.

Says Elena Krasilnikova, Head of theRD Management Training Centre: “The examination revealed a high training level of the specialists. I am sure the Corporate Training Centrehas a direct effect on the quality of services provided by the company. We keep improving the content of the training course, adjusting it to suit the current market requirement. Besides, the outcomes of examinations and the opinions of immediate supervisors and employees themselves help us update corporate programmes and improve the training process in general.”


The Corporate Training Centreprovides specialists not only with technical skills to operate complex engineering systems, but also with an understanding of what it means to work properly at a high-level facility fitted with state-of-the-art equipment. The training course has been devised to enable each trainee to incorporate the gained knowledge into the working process.

The classroom displaysworking models of power supply equipment as well as fire-extinguishing, cold supply, building supervisory control, automatics, water supply etc. systems.

The training course builds on practical knowledge and 15 years’ experience of operating various types of equipment.