​​RD Management at the Managing Commercial Real Estate conference

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On May 24, the "Developer Environment. Managing Commercial Real Estate" conference took place, with a focus on the experience and prospects for the implementation of IT solutions. RD Management Development Director Alexander Ustinov spoke at the event.

During two sessions, conference participants discussed the challenges of managing companies, comprehensive tools, the impact IT solutions have on risks and profitability in managing a facility, as well as exchanged their experience in using information technologies.

RD Management Development Director Alexander Ustinov spoke as part of the first session, which focused on the role of a managing company in the current conditions of commercial real estate market. The expert spoke on the latest IT tools in real estate management, Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) systems, RD Management developments in automation control, as well as their experience in the implementation of electronic document management system, CRM and BMA in the area of operation management.

“Now it is very important for every player of the professional real estate management and operation market to realise: unless the companies use automated property and facility management processes, they will become non-competitive and lose the ability to response the challenges promptly. To maintain successful cooperation, an FM services operator should adopt a proactive position in its customer relations, which is facilitated by various IT solutions. We are happy to note that today the implementation of such technologies can be seen among all major market players: this means the increasing quality of FM services, and we are seeking to provide the best service to our customers and facility users,” Alexander Ustinov said.

The event was organized by REPA association of real estate market professionals, supported by business IT integrator RedSys.