Alexander Ustinov about specific features of business park management

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Alexander Ustinov noted that business parks management generates a number of specific features in terms of building maintenance and infrastructure. Comprehensive management of these facilities is provided by attracted professional management companies with relevant knowledge and experience.

"We are talking about profitability management and operation of a facility with a large surrounding area, parking and individual entries for tenants and visitors. These peculiarities in terms of technical operation imply that all utility systems of the complex should be integrated into an automated management system (BMS), which will make it possible to achieve unified building management,"– the expert said.


RD Management is experienced in managing multi-functional business complexes. In 2013, the company won a tender for the maintenance of Comcity office park in the New Moscow.

RD Management experts provided technical consulting services at the construction stage. In 2014, the company started complex servicing of the facility, including office and retail spaces, as well as the parking area. Total area passed to RD Management operation is 200 thousand sq. m.

Comcity office park is being implemented as a "city within the city" and involves arrangement of a landscaped green area of 45 hectares with recreational areas, fitness center, sports grounds and other infrastructure.