​‘First Impression Management’ Closed Master Class in Romanov Dvor

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Romanov Roof summer patio was opened in Romanov Dvor Business Center. The first event of the new season was the closed master class delivered by Alena Gil, business etiquette instructor, Presidential Executive Office of the Russian Federation.

On June 28, the master class named ‘First Impression Management: Non-Verbal Self-Assertion Tools’ was delivered by Alena Gil at Romanov Dvor patio. The closed event was attended by the top management and executives of various companies, as well as by the residents and guests of the Business Center.

Alena Gil spoke of the non-verbal communication principles, ‘first impression’ effect, stereotypical perception of gestures and effect thereof on the level of business intercourse, as well as administered a training session devoted to the tools designed to influence the interlocutor by means of different body postures, demonstrating the way body posture and posture awareness affect self-esteem.

Besides, an ad hoc wine tasting session was held for the guests providing them with an opportunity to taste the wines of the Old and New Worlds.

Organizers: RD Group, Orator.Club and Caudal winery.