Guided Tour of Romanov Dvor Business Quarter for Architects

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A guided tour of Romanov Dvor business quarter for Moscow architects took place on August 19 within the scope of Know It Yourself program. The event was organized by RD Group International Holding, the Union of Moscow Architects and Svoboda Dostupa.

The first Made by RD Group series guided tour for architects took place yesterday in Romanov Dvor business quarter located in the historic center of Moscow. The project will also include visiting residential districts 9, 10, 11 in the Skolkovo Innovation Center and Olympia Park.

The tour of the business quarter was guided by the author of the architectural project, Oleg Popov, Head of TS Megaron A Studio, as well as a representative of the facility’s management company, Alexander Ustinov, Business Development Director for RD Management.

Romanov Dvor is located in quarter No.41, one of the oldest quarters in Moscow. The quarter also includes Sheremetiev Palace, museum-apartment of K.A. Timiryazev, Department of Journalism and Department of Arts of Lomonosov Moscow State University, and 17th-century Our Lady of the Sign Church, a masterpiece of Naryshkin Baroque.

The project was devised 20 years ago and was implemented in several stages: the first stage was commissioned in 1996, the second - in 2004, the third - in December 2014. All the three buildings are combined into an integrated business and cultural space and woven seamlessly into the existing urban fabric. The project comprised not only new construction, but also a comprehensive renovation of the quarter: historic facades of the buildings from the side of Romanov Lane and the church have been restored according to drawings and photographs from the early 20th century using scientific restoration methods.

One of the main ideas of Oleg Popov, the architect of the quarter, is to create an open and comfortable environment for the citizens. It is no accident that Romanov Dvor can be easily accessed both from Romanov Lane, and from Mokhovaya St. The quarter also comprises Our Lady of the Sign Church, internal pedestrian street Romanov Alley with cozy cafes and restaurants, and a modern atrium, where city events, exhibitions and workshops are held.

Oleg Popov TS Megaron A architectural workshop: “Romanov Dvor is an example of integrated architectural space creation in restrained urban conditions, which is rare for Moscow. In the course of this business quarter’s creation we have restored historic facades of the buildings; thereby we have returned a small piece of old Moscow to the city."

Alexander Ustinov, Business Development Director for RD Management, told about the well-developed infrastructure of the quarter, which, along with upscale offices, includes bank branches, restaurants and cafes, World Class fitness club, Romanov Cinema, comfortable parking, etc.

Alexander Ustinov Business Development Director for RD Management: “The specific feature of Romanov Dvor operation is that the facility combines various property types: offices, apartments, public space, each of them having its own target audience and operation pattern. Regardless of all these aspects, business complex should be comfortable for all our visitors and tenants. Therefore, we, as a management company, operate in accordance with international facility management standards.”

At the end of the tour the participants went up to the roof of the third stage of the business center overlooking the historic center of Moscow and the Kremlin.