Natalia Tischedorf Will Address the Moscow Urban Forum

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On October 16, Natalia Tischendorf, Manager of Romanov Property Holdings Fund, will speak in the business program of the Moscow Urban Forum in session "Drivers of Polycentric City Model".

Among the participants of this key forum session, there were Marat Khusnullin, Deputy Moscow Mayor, Yuri Grigoryan, Head of Meganom Project Bureau, Lawrence Barth, Urbanism Professor at the Graduate School of the Architectural Association in London, Vicente Guallart, the founder of the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia and other experts.

The panelists will talk about how to form a new polycentric city structure and to harmonize the strategic objectives of the city and private needs of the residents, as well as what project funding models exist today and other issues.

One of the main development objectives for modern cities is to create an environment that would be comfortable for life of people not only in the center of Moscow, but also on the fringes. One of the most important aspects in this process is provision of well-developed infrastructure - public spaces, parks and shopping centers - to new districts. Natalia Tischendorf will tell how the city can help developers create a comfortable environment for residents.

This year, RD Group international holding is an official partner of the Moscow Urban Forum.


The Moscow Urban Forum has been initiated to provide assistance in development of the cities in Russia and the former Soviet Union and increase their competitiveness. The forum will give an opportunity to discuss the most relevant trends in the modern urban planning, to introduce the cutting-edge technology and the best world practices of urban environment development to the professional community. The event is held under the auspices of the Moscow City Government and with personal participation of Sergey Sobyanin, Moscow Mayor.