Olesya Koshkina on charitable projects by RD Group

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On September 25, 2015 Olesya Koshkina, Deputy Head of the Marketing Representative Office of RD Group Holding, spoke at the conference "Why be concerned with corporate charity? Opinions of the business community and mass media."

The event organized by The Moscow Times gathered together the representatives of business and leading business media to discuss the promotion of charitable and social projects in the media and raising public awareness.

In the course of her speech, Olesya Koshkina emphasized that the activities of RD Group Development Holding are based on the principles of sustainable development and environmental friendliness, so when implementing projects, the company creates a comfortable environment for the life and work of people, carefully integrates the building into the existing urban fabric and employs modern technology in “green” construction and energy efficiency.

The expert also told about the charity initiatives of RD Group Holding and shared the experience of their promotion in the media. "We do not just implement social projects, we unite people around them - employees and partners of the company who share our values, beliefs and philanthropic needs," Olesya Koshkina said.

So, for example, in April 2015 the holding held a memorial campaign in the town of Masis in Armenia dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The event was attended by over 4,000 people including journalists from different countries: Russia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Germany, France and Armenia. "We appealed to the journalists as people and told them about the universal values our company shares and defends: protection of human rights and the struggle for peace and equality of all peoples regardless of their religion or race, fight against any manifestations of genocide and violence in today's world."

The charitable campaign was followed by numerous publications in the media. In particular, Tageblatt, a Luxembourg newspaper, published articles on genocide for 5 days and on May 6 Luxembourg Parliament adopted a resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide.