Paintings of Valery Vrady on Display at Romanov Dvor

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A solo exhibition of the works of artist Valery Vrady has opened in the art gallery at the Romanov Dvor business complex.

Valery Vrady has an unusual technique and his paintings demonstrate a unique play of colors: sometimes blues and pale tones, sometimes yellows and blues, sometime reds and golds. Another aspect is the domination of one color, for example, emerald or coral, which set all of his paintings apart.

The works of Valery Vrady seem to gradually emerge from thick, heavy yet not gloomy fog. The space on most of his paintings is occupied by some sort of smoke, smog or haze through which sunlight comes shining, giving the figures in the pictures a sense of airiness, lightness. The figures float in this concentrated air, drowning and almost disappearing in it.


Valery Vrady has participated in more than 80 art exhibitions in Russia, Austria, France and Germany. His works include portraits of Bulat Okudzhava, Valentin Kataev, Sophie Renoir, Gianni Morandi, Ombretta Colli and others.

The works of Valery Vrady can be found in the collections of the Russian Academy of the Arts, archives of the Russian Ministry of Culture, museums of Russia and CIS countries as well as private galleries in Europe, Japan and the United States.