Parking at Class A Business Centers

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RD Management carried out a study on the supply and demand for parking places at Class A offices in the center of Moscow and inside the Third Transport Ring.

RD Management evaluated the supply and demand for parking places at Class A business centers and mixed-use complexes, the lease conditions for parking spaces within the Boulevard Ring, Garden Ring and Third Transport Ring as well as the share of offers based in foreign currency and in rubles. In total 67 properties were analyzed. 

The lease rates for parking spaces within the Third Transport Ring appear to be overpriced compared to properties situated inside the Garden Ring and are likely to see a correction in the near future, the study by RD Management indicates.


According to RD Management, the cost of parking for individuals at business centers and mix-used complexes inside the Boulevard Ring at the end of February saw a maximum of 61,400 rubles per month and a minimum of 12,000 rubles per month. Inside the Garden Ring parking spaces are offered to individuals for 11,200 to 26,500 rubles per month.

For the zone from the Garden Ring to the Third Transport Ring, the least expensive parking spaces are found in the south (South Administrative District, Kashirskoye Shosse, Varshavskoye Shosse, Leninsky Prospekt) – 12,000 rubles per month. The most expensive areas for leasing a parking space are in the western areas bordering the Third Transport Ring (Western Administrative District, Mozhaiskoye Shosse, Zvenigorodskoye Shosse, Volokolamskoye Shosse, Rublevskoye Shosse) – 42,185 rubles per month.