Parking Garage at Vremena Goda Adds MasterCard PayPass Technology

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The Vremena Goda shopping center together with MasterCard has launched a new parking payment system using MasterCard PayPass, which allows drivers to pay for parking using tap-and-go technology without stepping out of their cars.

Convenient parking is an important consideration when selecting a restaurant, entertainment or shopping destination. Today business and retail centers are often equipped with automated parking systems where the services are paid for at special terminals. However, this process is not always convenient and quick, and many parking facilities still only accept cash.


The Vremena Goda shopping center has launched an automated touch-and-go parking payment system compatible with bankcards and other devices supporting MasterCard PayPass technology (mobile phones, stickers, watches, etc.).

All automated turnstiles at the exits of the parking garage, which has a 525-vehicle capacity for visitors of the shopping center, are equipped with MasterCard PayPass readers. In order to pay for parking the drivers do not need to go to a payment terminal and wait in line – they can simply go to their cars and make the payment without getting out of their cars as they depart. As a result the payment process takes no more than a couple seconds. The payment terminals are also equipped with PayPass readers, allowing for a quick and convenient payment with this technology here as well.


Sergei Badaev, Manager of the Vremena Goda shopping center:

“The Vremena Goda shopping center has always offered customers high-quality and expedient service and is a trendsetter among luxury-class retail centers in Moscow. That is why it is pleasant to be the pioneers in the implementing touch-and-go MasterCard PayPass payment system in our parking garage. We are sure that our clients will value the convenience of this new addition, and for our partners such attention to detail will become an important competitive advantage for the shopping center compared to other facilities on the market.”