Alexandr Ustinov on the Prospects of the New Moscow

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Alexandr Ustinov, RD Management Development Director has revealed the prospects of office real estate market of the New Moscow to “”.

Three years has passed since the kick-off of the ambitious project on inclusion of new territories in Moscow, as a result of which its area became almost 2.5 times larger. As conceived by the government, the New Moscow must become a magnet for business activity. Comcity, K2 and G10 business parks and Neopolis business area are outlined as cornerstone projects.


Offices of the New Moscow business centers are mostly rented by IT and telecom companies, industrial and manufacturing enterprises and pharmaceutical firms. “This can be attributed to front-office being less critical for these companies, and, therefore, no need to hold many client meetings there”, – Alexandr Ustinov noted.

Concurrently, one tenant company tends to attract other companies in the similar field of business. Thus, Comcity is actively occupied by IT-companies: “Rostelecom” (58.5 ths. sq. m), «Systematica Group» (17.6 ths. sq. m), Oracle (6.4 ths. sq. m), «Asteros» (10.3 ths. sq. m), - the expert outlined.


Transport availability might become one of the success factors of the new district.

“The New Moscow business centers are mostly located on the “evening” traffic side, which enables to escape traffic jams”, – Alexandr Ustinov reminded. However, so far the remote location of the business centers is bridged by shuttle-bus communication with the city, - he added.

As predicted by commercial real estate specialists, the business centers with proper transport infrastructure, located at a walking distance from the underground are most likely to attract tenants. Comcity office park, with Rumyantsevo underground station in its neighborhood opening soon, is just one example.

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