Natalia Rodionovskaya Solo Exhibition at Romanov Dvor

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Natalia Rodionovskaya solo exhibition will open in the art gallery of Romanov Dvor business center on August 21.

Natalia graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute, however, soon she engaged herself with painting. Experts see the influence of the impressionists in her painting technique: the artist works with color and light confidently. At the same time, her works have a mystique. Natalia refers to Japanese art and its understatement as a source of inspiration.

Romanov Dvor will feature a number of works by the artist, such as ‘Nice. Evening.’, ‘Singing’, ‘AshTrees’ andotherpaintings.

Natalia Rodionovskaya is a member of the International Federation of Artists UNESCO and the Moscow Union of Artists. Herworks are kept in private collections in Russia, Germany, France, the United States and other countries.

Natalia Rodionovskaya solo exhibition will run at Romanov Dvor until September 4.


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