10 Facts about Offices with a View


The leading commercial real estate news and information portal CRE.ru has published an article highlighting 10 facts about offices with a view written by a specialist from RD Management.

Alexander Ustinov, office property manager for RD Management, wrote about the features of high-rise office projects, which have become a unique offer on the market thanks to the decision by municipal authorities to limit building height within the area known as old Moscow.

The expert notes that the new rules limiting building height in Moscow place additional limits on both residential and commercial projects. Now the maximum building height in old Moscow is 75 meters (compared to the previous limit of 100 meters). Furthermore, more restrict measures will be in effect for building in close proximity to cultural sites and protected areas.

However, the new rules do not mean that Moscow will be going without skyscrapers. The new limitations on height do not cover projects already under development. Among buildings already in operation, the tallest are Capital City (302 meters) at the Moscow City business district and the Triumph Palace residential building (264 meters).

Demand for premises with a view is consistently very high, allowing office center to charge a 10-15% premium on the upper or top floors. It is common for the entire section of upper floors is leased to a single tenant. Such offices are often used to support and develop a company’s image.

At the same time, the maintenance and management of such high-rise premises has its own peculiarities. For example, the task of washing the windows is particularly complicated (using industrial alpinism) and ventilation and air conditioning systems require intensive maintenance.


The world’s tallest building, whose office premises truly have a view which is unsurpassed in the world, is Dubai’s Burj Khalifa with a height of 830 meters.

The full article can be found here on the CRE.ru portal in Russian.