10 facts about the role of the management company at the construction stage


RD Management told about building construction and occupancy stages, as well as about the role of the management company at the construction stage.

RD Management noted that it is efficient in terms of engineering consultancy to involve the management company at the stage of design specification preparation or designing. This allows taking into account the specific features and nuances that may emerge at the initial stage of facility operation.

Furthermore, the management company gives advice on the choice of equipment in terms of maintenance considering the cost of expendables and the availability of spare parts in the Russian market. It is not infrequent that wrong choice of equipment or its location results in unbudgeted expenses during facility operation.

When speaking about major hindrances to facility commissioning, the expert named unsatisfactory execution of works by the contractors, failure to deliver equipment on time, as well as additional preferences of the owner appeared at the construction stage. New conditions cause amendments to the design, specification and as-built documentation and are solved efficiently by the management company at the pre-operational stage.

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