About Business Center Management Practices


Alexander Ustinov, Business Development Director in RD Management, speaks about a professional approach to business center management in his interview to Kvadroom.

Hiring a management company is a mature and market-based decision when it comes to property management. One of the ways to select your best of the best ones is through bidding and e-auctions.

To participate in a tender, management companies prepare an offer to meet a client’s tender specifications, and submit a required package of documents to support the company’s track record, including licenses, certificates, etc. There is an opportunity to visit facilities and sites of the tenderers and review feedback from the customers of these FM companies.

“This method of selecting a management company allows you to pick the best offer that represents good value for money. As a rule, tenders involve professional management companies who may offer a package of services at discounted rates,” said Alexander Ustinov, Business Development Director in RD Management.

In the global market, commercial property is managed by professional management companies, and this is the approach that most developers adhere to. “Outsourcing is a global trend now: approximately 80% of property owners turn facility operations over to professional market players,” Alexander added.


Bidding can take place at different stages of the facility’s lifecycle. Most frequently, management companies are hired at the commissioning stage, but the best moment to do it is the stage of design and construction since FM companies are highly interested in a well thought-out project. At this stage, the management company provides guidance on the selection and installation of utilities, which may impact the quality and minimize O&M cost of the facility in the future.

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