Aleksey Kharkovsky about the Work of BMA


The BMS magazine, the only Russian edition for professionals in the market of engineering systems, published an article of Aleksey Kharkovsky, the Technical Director of RD Management.

The expert told about the BMA (Building Maintenance & Administration) system as an effective tool in the work of an operating company that helps to systematically communicate with tenants, responding to their needs in the online mode.

This product involves an automated method of filing applications for servicing, the control over their execution and tracking the applications statistics.

The system was implemented with RD Management in 2007. Originally, the managing company faced the task of automating and systematizing the work of engineering services. In addition, the company wanted to increase the level of control and execution quality of applications.


The BMA system is one of the quality standards in the work of RD Management. The program assumes that the experts’ response time to an application cannot exceed 20 minutes. Actually, about 500 applications are proceeded per day at all facilities under control of RD Management. This standard of work is well known by tenants and owners.

The full version of the article is available at the website.