Alexander Ustinov ABOUT Green Technologies employed at Romanoff Dvor


Alexander Ustinov, Business Development Director for RD Management, told Radi Doma PRO portal of green technologies and solutions employed at Romanoff Dvor that made it possible to certify the business center under BREEAM standards.

All engineering premises have leakage control systems integrated into the BMS (system for monitoring of the building engineering systems). Alternative power sources such as solar batteries are used," Mr. Ustinov commented.

All this allowed Romanoff Dvor Business Center to receive its BREEAM In-Use International environmental certificate in 2013 confirming that the project complies with the world-class environmental safety standards for A class business centers.

Buildings are certified for compliance with green standards to improve comfort for their tenants and visitors. According to the expert, employees take less sick leaves if they work in green offices and it improves their performance.  The reason is comfortable microclimate and temperature regime in the premises as well as absence of bacteria and microorganisms in the air.

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