Alexander Ustinov about the Specific Rules of MUC Management


Alexander Ustinov, Development Director of RD Management has informed portal of the specific rules of mixed-use complex management.

Mixed-use complexes (MUCs) (joining under a common roof some housing, offices, trade and hotel facilities) require compliance with a number of specific rules in terms of their management. MUC servicing is far from being a simple task; it makes the management company (MC) not only operate efficiently for the benefit of all the tenants but also take into account the specific features of each of them.


At the variety of “activity cycles” of any MUC it is important to separate the flows of the tenants and apartment residents. As a rule, the building architecture is initially designed so that the tenants and residents would not disturb each other. Retail area often takes the lower floors, then there are offices, and the upper floors are occupied by apartments or the residential section.

The engineering infrastructure is also separated in MUC projects, as different types of real estate have different activity modes. Herewith, for restaurant premises a separate suction-and-exhaust ventilation system is required, as food odors should be exhausted separately and not be mixed with the common utilities.

It is recommended to separate the residential and non-residential sections at parking. The common parking space does not affect the clients’ comfort, as in the complexes a system of access and safeguarding of the entry area is installed for both sections.

It should also be noted that if the building belongs to different owners all the plumbing and heating installations of the complex are in joint ownership. They are transferred for management to the MC, which is obliged to support, maintain and service them.


The services of the operating company include utilities equipment maintenance, cleaning, security assurance, arranging of the visitor reception services.

The operating company providing the said services has some standards applied not only to a service but generally to a product it creates. For instance, a refrigeration plant maintenance service can be provided, but thereat, the condition of the engineering and utility services room where such equipment is installed may not comply with the standards. As a result, we do not have a quality product.

Standards in the area of MUC maintenance do not differ from those of any other building maintenance. As a rule, professional MCs have operating corporate standards of facility management. Such standards of RD Management are 11 quality standards in the sphere of facility management, which guarantee high level of the services provided.

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