Alexander Ustinov on Security Concept for Premium Class Shopping Centers


On March 25, Alexander Ustinov, Business Development Director at RD Management, spoke at the RCSC Conference on security in the trade real estate. The expert reported on the security concept offering the example of the shopping arcades Vremena Goda.

The topic of complex security for shopping centers consisting of physical security for visitors and buildings, as well as financial security was in focus of the discussion at the event.

Alexander Ustinov noted that the security concept for shopping centers is elaborated in close interaction of property and facility management teams as provision of security and comfort is a constituent element of management and operation of the premium class real estate facilities. When providing security services, it is important to consider such criteria as the facility location, the building architecture, operation specifics of the utility systems and work hours of the shopping center.

“Based on the international experience, we have elaborated our own standards imposed on the security service providers,” emphasized in his speech Alexander. “In this situation, the key criteria for selection of a private security provider are availability of licences and permits, facilities and resources and the relevant experience of the company. Besides, there are some requirements for special training of the personnel and systematic interaction with the bodies of internal affairs.

The RCSC Conference included participation of managers and owners of the Moscow shopping centers, consultants from the TOP-5, as well as representatives of the managing companies. In the course of the event, the participants shared their experience in organization of safe management of the shopping center and determined the actual mechanisms of work in all security areas of shopping facilities.