Automotive Fleet of RD Management Gets Corporate Look


RD Management has developed its own corporate style for its automotive fleet. The marketing department of the property management company came up with the style.

Automobiles fit out according to the new corporate style of RD Management can now be found at all sites where the company operates. The presence of RD Management’s corporate automobile at a commercial property is a sign that professional facility management is provided there.

“The objective was to demonstrate how the RD Management brand can be correlated with the services which the company provides on site,” says Darrell Stanaford, Deputy General Director for Strategic Development at RD Management. “The selected style for the automobile is based on our corporate style and fully corresponds to the company’s status.”

In spring of 2013 RD Group, which includes the facility management company RD Management and the construction company RD Group, underwent rebranding. The holding adopted a new logo and corporate style and also launched a new corporate website.


At present the portfolio of RD Management (part of RD Group) includes 14 Class A properties in Moscow. The area of the managed properties now totals more than 1 million square meters. Over the course of 2013 and early 2014 the company expanded is area under management by more than 500,000 square meters, with the addition of such properties as the luxury class shopping center Vremena Goda and business center Comcity. After several years advising on the project, RD Management assumed the facility management role for the hotel and business center Park Pobedy.