CRE Radio about Correa’s opening in Romanov Dvor


CRE Radio reported Correa’s opening in Romanov Dvor and spoke about the trends in the market of retail in business centers.

Deniza Varpatrikova, Managing Director of Romanov Dvor business center, shared her opinion on retail in the Point of View section of Summary of the Day program.

According to Deniza, restaurant-keepers are still interested in new facilities despite the temporary economic difficulties. They are more willing to close transactions in relation to the facilities previously used as restaurants rather than in relation to shell & core spaces, as they require investment. The location and class of the facility are also important to tenants, as these factors help forecast visitors traffic.

As an example, Deniza mentioned Correa’s restaurant, which had opened at Romanov Dvor business quarter on May 28. She noted that the restaurant had integrated harmoniously into the interior of the complex and serves as a good compliment to the infrastructure. Without any doubt, the tenants and the guests of the business center will be pleased to visit Correa’s.


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