Darrell Stanaford Speaks at Property & Facility Management Congress


Property managers, developers and owners gathered yesterday at the 7th Property & Facility Management Congress to discuss the most pressing management issues.

Darrell Stanaford, Deputy General Director for Strategic Development at RD Management, opened the congress. Stanaford noted that for the first time in the history of the Russian market, over the next 3-4 years the balance will shift in favor of tenants, pushing property owners to draw the appropriate conclusions.

“De facto the client of a management company of either an office building or a retail complex is the property owner, and the tenant or consumer in the case of a shopping center continue feel that they are secondary considerations,” Darrell notes, reflecting on the state of the property management market.

Stanaford said that there is now an understanding on the management market that a culture of services needs to be developed with regard to tenants and consumers.

At the event the participants also discussed problems which management companies face when taking over facilities from owners and the opportunities for adopting a European approach to property management in Russia. The case studies presented at the congress by real estate market leaders complemented the event program.


The Property & Facility Management Congress is an annual event devoted to commercial and operational management of real estate. Market experts share their both experience and novel solutions to issues involving engineering, management, operations and building services in Russia and Europe.

Darrell Stanaford is one of the leading urban development experts and concurrently serves as chairman of ULI Russia.