Dilijan School Becomes Member of UWC


The board of directors of the education network United World Colleges (UWC) announced that Dilijan International School has become a full member of the organization and hereafter will be called UWC Dilijan, Armenian media report.

UWC Dilijan has joined the 12 other UWC colleges operating in Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the United States, Canada, China, India, Singapore, Costa Rica and Swaziland. The admission process will start on November 1 via UWC National Committees in 140 countries.

“Dilijan International School of Armenia is pleased to announce that it became UWC Dilijan. Students wishing to join the school in September, 2014 can now apply through the UWC national committee process, details of which are available on www.uwc.org. UWC Dilijan intends to admit over 90 students from over 45 countries in September, 2014,” said John Puddefoot, the Head of DIS.

“The selection process for UWC schools is exclusively on a competitive basis, and the priority is given to talented and socially engaged young people, regardless of who they are and where they are from,” said Veronika Zonabend, co-founder and chair of the Board of Trustees of Dilijan International School.


The world’s best experts and companies have been brought in to work on the creation of the international school. This is why RD Group (part of RD Group) was selected as the managing company, general contractor and general designer of the project.

Today the construction work is proceeding exactly according to schedule. Notably the builder is creating from scratch engineering and road infrastructure on the territory of the future school. Thanks to the professionalism of RD Group the facility will provide the highest level of comfort and safety for the students.

The project is being implemented in two phases. In summer of 2014 RD Group will complete construction on Phase 1 totaling 35,000 square meters while the entire project will be wrapped up in 2016. Upon completion the new educational institution will total than 60,000 square meters and will include all necessary infrastructure for the students’ instruction.