Diversification without Undermining Quality


Olga Resina, Commercial Director of RD Management, spoke to the journal Property Management about ways to diversify the business of management companies.

In today’s market management companies need to be prepared to expand their portfolio of clients and offer new services while simultaneously properly planning and optimizing internal business processes.


Diversification is largely aimed providing new services and optimization of existing services offered. Thus, with the appearance of new properties in the portfolio of RD Management, in addition to pre-launch and regular maintenance services, the company has begun to offer consulting and audit services. This includes technical and legal due diligence, technical consulting during project planning and construction, energy and environmental audits, etc. The company also plans to create a project management department which will be responsible for the technical client functions, reconstruction, project planning, repair and construction work, and fit out.


“For RD Management the premium status of a property and its success remains an important factor,” says Olga Resina. “In this regard we can decide against participating in a tender or pull out of a property after a while if it turns out not to correspond to our criteria.” According to the expert, this selectiveness and periodic “cleaning” of the property portfolio allows the company to concentrate on truly important projects and provide services at the highest level of quality and without compromising its reputation.