Dmitry Letov on low-rise construction


RD Group Holding’s Business Development Director told Urban Look website on low-rise construction in the Moscow Region suburbs (Podmoskovie).

The peak of low-rise suburban residential real estate popularity fell on 2012, the format itself appeared as a developers’ response to the crisis of 2008. Today, this type of residential development is already well known to the consumer. According to the standard classification, the low-rise suburban housing is divided into townhouses, cottages and low-rise residential houses.

Each of these types has its own characteristics and targets a particular consumer market. One of the questions asked by the potential buyers of such real estate, refers to differences of premium housing from more affordable formats of suburban development.

Dmitry said: "Premium low-rise construction objects differ from more affordable formats of housing by detailed infrastructure (kindergartens, schools, parks, etc.), original architecture and layout. If to speak about expensive townhouses and stand-alone cottages, there can be used, for example, wood inlay, which increases the price depending on the wood species. Also, buyers of such real estate have specific requirements for parking: a premium townhouse or cottage should have at least two extended parking spaces".

Dmitri Letov concluded in his interview, that despite the difficult economic environment, the low-rise residential real estate market is likely to improve its performance, and key players are expecting the demand to return to the pre-crisis level following restoration of purchasing power.