Dmitry Letov on the Construction of UWC Dilijan College


Dmitry Letov, Project Manager for the construction of UWC Dilijan College, spoke to the magazine CRE about the unconventional solutions found to address the complex issued which arose during the construction of the school, about improving the project’s effectiveness and much more.

The journal CRE writes that during the construction of the international boarding school UWC Dilijan College the general contractor for the project – RD Group – had the objective of optimizing the project solutions in such a way as to improve the effectiveness of the project – to increase the volume of useable space, to reduce the construction timetable and optimize on expenses without sacrificing quality.

The team of RD Group began is work on the UWC Dilijan College project with a comprehensive audit of the project plans. As a result, a number of optimization measures were taken with regard to the foundation placement, position of the buildings, construction of seismic pads and use of glass, as well as the use of reinforcement fittings and fixtures.


Thanks to the project plan optimization by RD Group, the area of the school was increased by 3000 square meters, savings of more than $5 million were created and the construction timeframe was reduced by 2 months.