Dmitry Letov will Adress the RREF Forum


Dmitry Letov, Business Development Director for RD Group, will speak at the RREF, Russian real estate market leaders forum.

On September 24-27, representatives of major construction, real estate development and real estate companies, leading banking institutions will give an overview of residential property market of the Moscow region.

On September 24, Dmitry Letov will participate in the roundtable discussion Is Architecture for the Rich? Pros and Cons. Professionals Opinions organized by Institute of Modern Urban Planning. The participants will discuss issues such as architecture of the modern residential property and characteristic differences between elite and economy class complexes, customers’ demands in the context of architectural specific features, and will compare Western and Russian features in the actual projects in Moscow and its adjacent areas.

Together with Dmitry the list of round table participants will include Sergey Kuznetsov, Chief Architect of Moscow, Vladislav Gordienko, Head of the Main Administration of Architecture and Urban Development of the Moscow region, Dmitry Kotrovsky, a partner of Khimki Group, and other market experts.


RREF, Russian real estate market leaders forum, combines an exhibition of residential, foreign and countryside property, as well as an intensive business program. RREF Awards is annually given in the course of the forum.