Dolmama Delivery


Dolmama, the authentic Armenian restaurant on Romanov Alley, is offering a special service for the office workers of the Romanov Dvor business center – Dolmama Delivery.

Now workers at the business center can order dishes at the restaurant from a special menu which will be delivered to the office within 45 minutes. This service is particularly relevant for business people, who often have limited time for lunch.

The restaurant Dolmama opened on Romanov Alley on July 12 and offers its patrons authentic Armenian cuisine with a modern flair. This is the first establishment of the renowned Yerevan restaurant to appear in Moscow and Russia. The Yerevan Dolmama opened in 1998 and has served more than 20 presidents of various countries as well as prime ministers and other statesmen.

Today, in addition to Dolmama, the French café-bakery Paul has also opened on Romanov Alley.


Romanov Alley is a gastronomic street in the center of Moscow situated between Mokhovaya Street and Romanov Pereulok. The street-level premises of the buildings along the alley host quaint cafes and restaurants, food shops and boutiques, a culinary school and other establishments. The project is currently under development and will be fully completed in 2016.