Exhibition of the “Russian Van Gogh” Opened at Romanov Dvor


A solo exhibition of Darya Piletskaya “Nuances” was inaugurated at the art gallery of Romanov Dvor Business Quarter.

A new exposition is taking the viewer to the vast expanses of landscapes through the eyes of the contemporary painter Darya Piletskaya.

Due to her technique, Darya is known in the artistic circles as the “Russian Van Gogh”. She is an academician of the International Academy of Creative Endeavors, a member of the International Arts Fund, a representative of the Russian art at the annual yacht show in Monaco. Her works may be found in private collections both in Russia and abroad.

Darya Piletskaya, on her works: “Each painting involves devastating work. A burst of energy followed by emptiness. It is an inconceivably complex process filled with inspiration. And the more labor put to it, the more soul it encloses.”

The exposition “Nuances” will be open till December 17.