Exhibition on Happiness at Romanov Dvor


An exhibition of the works of Dina Kalinkina titled “Happiness. Ideal of the Imagination” opened today at the art gallery of the Romanov Dvor business center. The exhibition will continue through February 18.

The concept of the Class A business center Romanov Dvor is business as an art. This is why the business center places such an emphasis on art expositions, which are updated every month.

Today Dina Kalinkina’s exhibition “Happiness. Ideal of the Imagination” opened at the center’s art gallery. “In order to attain happiness it is sufficient to simply take a closer look at the world around us,” believes Dina.

The artist’s canvases are full of bright flowers in vases, colorful napkins on tables spilling over with aromatic apples and pears, happy people, women enraptured in love – items and images with which are all acquainted, instilling visitors with joyful impressions and recollections.

Dina Kalinkina prefers the classical oil painting technique. Her paintings often are reminiscent of works of applied arts, cloisonné or painting on metal.


Dina Kalinkina is a graduate of the Moscow School of Art Trades. In 2002 she graduated from the graphical arts department of Moscow State Pedagogical University. She is a member of the international association “Art of the Peoples of the World” and the International Art Foundation.