Expert Discusses Effective Office Management for Tenants


Where is the boundary between the owner’s building and the tenant’s office? How should the management company interact with both parties? Alexander Ustinov discussed these and many other questions with the magazine Tenant Guide.

When dealing with building maintenance services, tenants often face the question of where the owner’s zone of responsibility ends and the tenant’s zone of responsibility begins. One of the most pressing areas of concern here is engineering systems.

According to Alexander Ustinov, Business Development Director for RD Management, in order to avoid disputes between building owners and tenants, best practice in Class A business center calls for the signing of an agreement detailing the maintenance responsibilities with clearly defined areas of responsibility for each party.

In the expert article Alexander also spoke about the different types of maintenance expenses in a building and in the offices of tenants as well as the different aspects of signing an office service agreement and optimization of expenses of management companies.